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What is the best thing about living in Toronto?

What is the best thing about living in Toronto?

     What is the best thing about living in Toronto?


-A GTA is the most clean city consist of a 6.4 Million people

-Things DO work much of the time – even though they are characterized by mediocre criteria that are self-aggrandizing. 

-Less per capita crime. 

-Women/Children/Less lucky people in the city feel very safe and there is no tolerance for violence. 

-Thanks to generous welfare standards, Heaven for Women/Children/Old People/LGBTQ+, and other poorer parts of society.

-The rule of the Law only refers to the  Middle Class/Lower Middle Class refers. For most of their offenses, Rich can still purchase justice through her powerful lawyers unless it is a human life.

-The Lower class /Middle Class is not affected by everyday corruption. For the wealthy class, corruption and bribery exist and they are legal in Canada and LOBBYING is the new term for it.

-In Toronto, there is plenty of diversity, but that does not mean that inclusion is guaranteed. As long as one lives in their ethnic ghettos, one is economically sustainable and valued and does not challenge the Locally Bred Torontonian economic territory and hierarchy.

-Loyalty – Torontonians born and raised locally are intensely loyal to their ever-losing sports franchises (owned by MLSE), even more so than their spouses/girlfriends/boyfriends;)

-University/school campuses are highly clean and hygienic.

-Public health is Very well handled – as all public eating places are very highly inspected, disease outbreaks are well managed and usually limited.

-Woman and men both are given equal freedom in everything. In Canadian words, this is true equality.

-Numerous signs of “Help Wanted” for minimum wage workers.

-Students are usually “welcomed back” by Lap  Dancers, etc., in a back to school promotion.

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