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UNIVERSITY OF SALFORD, UK ( vitebox overseas )

UNIVERSITY OF SALFORD, UK ( vitebox overseas )

March Intake Deadlines & Jan CAS Reminder

We wanted to share important news of the application deadlines for the March intake, which have now been confirmed before the university closes from today:

Application Deadline: Friday 8 th January

Conditions Deadline (including paying deposit): Friday 15 th January

Course Starts & Registration Deadline: Monday 8 th March

The following courses are available for this March intake with the Salford Business School:

  • MSc International Business (Placement Year Option available)
  • MSc Management
  • MSc Project Management (Placement Year Option available)
  • MSc Managing Innovation & IT
  • MSc Procurement, Logistics & Supply Chain Management (Placement Year Option available)

Although we are looking ahead to March, I appreciate that there is still some way to go for the January intake also. As the University will be closed from tomorrow (Saturday 19 th   December) and will re-open on Monday 4 th  January, it is worth noting that for any students that are only just uploading documents for CAS or will do so during the university closure, they will only have their CAS processed in the new year. Please do not send CAS chasing emails over the holiday as the team are not working, and it will only add to the work of the CAS team when they return. You can continue to work with the students to upload their financials/medicals onto the Advantage system during the holidays.

If there are any of your January intake students who are at Draft CAS stage who you feel might not make it in time, then the option to defer March is there, so please let us know in good time and we can inform admissions & the CAS team. Please check with your students because deferral requests made after Friday 8 th January would not be considered.

For January intake students: online registration will open on Tuesday 5 th January – it is important that (so long as they have their CAS) they register as soon as it opens.

Hopefully this covers everything – a long email, to (almost) end a long year! It has been a pleasure working with you all and getting to know you, we really appreciate your continued efforts and look forward to doing even greater things in 2021 and beyond.

Thnk you.

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