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I have a comfortable job in India, should I move to Canada?

Canada is good or bad, based solely on you, your age, your family commitments, and your desire tocope with challenges. It’s NOT AT ALL A CAKEWALK as exhibited or debated in India.

All who relocates is not that always happy.

In our view, it’s worth going whether you’re beginning your career or before the age of 25 or not settled in India. But its ridiculous idea to go there is planning to abandon settled life, work in India, upsetting current arrangement and family after age 27-28.

If you move to canada, after having a settled lifestyle just to showcase your talent to friends and family, you will probably regret that in a few months your “I won” feeling will go away.

Good points:

-Good and humble people, (most of them) (most of them) (most of them)

-Nice transportation for the public

-Strong leadership.

-Clean Air and Clean Towns

-Medical installations (in term of cost. Otherwise medical options like doctors, hospitals are very less and doctors will let you wait if your case is not emergency)

-Educational Curriculum (From KG to 10th it’s free). Often, higher education is relatively cheaper.

Bad points:

-Prices for rent (It depends on the area and rating of school of that area. If one want to put their child in good reputed school then certainly rent prices of that area will be very high). If you want a spot that is really inexpensive, get ready to walk a lot of distance in freezing cold, heavy rain, including to the grocery store.

-Prices for household products are high. Food goods are very pricey and most of the vegetables from nearby countries are shipped from Canada.

-Except IT, most of the fields are regulatory, meaning you need to obtain a degree or at least a qualification to begin work in that area. Be prepared to start with jobs that are puny.

-We noticed so many people working in malls or doing security guy jobs who were BPT, BDS, MBBS. Of course, there is no small work there, but your salary should be sufficient for your qualification.

-Even, if you believe you’re just going to call parents there, then it’s not the case. YOU MUST HAVE up to $50k or $100k insurance and that’ll have a good monthly amount.

-We noticed many people who were in debt because of reduced incomes or additional expenses.

 -We saw people staying in a basement house where you had to hold tubing for 24 hours.

-Almost half of Canada is freezing cold, and for 3-5 months, you can’t go outdoors.

-Individuals start developing new illnesses such as obesity due to intense cold and lack of sunshine.

-It would be too pricey and troublesome if you are a family of 3-4 individuals traveling to India. For a single-family trip to India, one could end up offering at least 3-4 months of savings.

-Day care is way too pricey. There are still very very less day care as they have made stringent guidelines that are needless. So, one of the parents has to abandon their work to sit home.

-The tax on wages is too heavy.

-Insurance for cars is too high.

-Few stuff, like extreme control of few places, are overly tight there. Licences for day care. Insurance for cars.


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