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Canada student visa process-wise coasting for Indians

Canada student visa process-wise coasting for Indians

Canada student visa process-wise coasting for Indians

13,250 rs – This is for IELTS exam fees, it is mandatory for every student to clear the exam having an overall 6/6.5 (with no less than 6 in each module). When a student thinks about studying abroad then he/ she must have to go on through this test. Basically, it is considered to be a little bit hard exam for the Indians because most of them know the English very well, but due to the less good environment of English, they just find it difficult to even score 6 with no less than 6.
As the IELTS Fees kept on rising every year, as in the year 2015 it was 10,000 rs but nowadays it is tough to pay it.
College application Fees – it is the college application fees, in which not all the colleges have the fees. There are few colleges like Mohawk, they don’t have any application fees. They provide the international students an offer letter based on the IELTS score. 
So the college application Fees are totally dependent on the Colleges.

5,76,500 rs– It is the GIC, which is called Guaranteed Investment Certificates. This account is offered by a Canadian Bank. This money is treated as proof of funds and would be released to the student every month for 12 months for their study abroad and maintenance expenses along with interest.

so students have to transfer 5,76,500 rs to Scotia Bank after they receive the offer letter from the college. The Bank of Nova Scotia, operating as Scotiabank, is a Canadian multinational banking and financial services company. One of Canada’s Big Five banks, it is the third-largest Canadian bank by deposits and market capitalization.

5,000 rs– It is compulsory for every international student to go through the medical examination. The full list of tests will be to include a medical examination for applying for a student visa to Canada—

-Medical test that includes height, weight, blood pressure

-Blood test to test for urine

-X-ray chest

-Test with eyes

If one has performed some kind of pre-surgery, carry along those records or share some kind of heredity issue with your Doctor at the time of physical checkup.

7,41,000 – 9,69,000 rs : Then next is the college fees . After a medical check-up, one has to pay the fees for the first and second semester fees. Generally, the fees could be around 4 to 5 lacs per semester. The fees amount are totally dependent on the colleges and the level of the program. Parents usually don’t require to pay for the 3rd sem fees, because students in Canada earn enough from their part-time jobs. So basically parents don’t need to take tension about the fees.

4,845 rs– Biomatrix – Biometrics allow visa officers to screen applicants for prior criminal convictions or Canadian immigration infractions. Student’s biometrics are also used when they enter Canada to confirm their identity.

8,626 rs– Its Visa Embassy Fees.  students after completing all the above processes, they have to submit every document to the student visa embassy. And thereafter within 2 to 20 days, students get their student visa approval with a visa stamp on their passport. 

50,000 to 80,000 rs – Flight ticket charges. It is always advisable to book the ticket a few months before the actual date. Because the charges would be lesser if someone books in advance.

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