About Conestoga College

Conestoga is one of Canada’s driving polytechnic establishments, reliably positioned among the absolute best universities in the territory of Ontario for graduate work just as understudy, graduate and business fulfillment. Our exceptionally appraised school furnishes universal understudies with the entirety of the abilities and openings expected to pick up expertly perceived qualifications which can prompt energizing callings in Canada. At Conestoga, we give many investigation levels including; English, Bachelor (Degree), Post-graduate, Diploma, and Graduate testaments. Indeed, even understudies with no base English prerequisite (IELTS or TOEFL), can seek after their advanced education level with the states of fulfillment of our English Program.

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Why to choose Conestoga College

  • Conestoga is Public and DLI approved College, Consistently ranked among the very best of Ontario's colleges for graduate employment as well as student, graduate and employer satisfaction.
  • 200+ Applied Programs and Pathways with Innovative
  • First College offering Bachelor Degree
  • Application Base Learning Methodology
  • Great Opportunity to build a professional networking
  • 62+ Co-Op Programs Available
  • Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries Opportunity
  • Highest Employment Rate
  • Surrounded by Technological Industries
  • Majority Professors are from Industry Professionals
  • Up-to 3 Years PGWP Opportunity
  • Supports in Job Searching, Networking, Resume Building workshop and many more
  • Immigration Opportunity